Bangalore Airport Provides You Elegant And Safe Experience Under One Head
10.09.2014 09:12

                                       Bangalore Airport | Image Resource : bangaloreaviation.com

What was once regarded as a pensioner’s paradise adorned with beautiful sidewalks, gardens, a colonial air, and cafes, Bangalore city, presently is buzzing with latest technologies, modern automobiles, trendy and plush bars and lounges, neon lights and high glass buildings kissing clouds. It has become the most happening city across nation. The access to this thrilling city is well connected with Bangalore Airport, located about 6 km away from city’s center.

Widely known as HAL airport, this international airport covers array of services for customer’s comfortable and safe journey. This busy airport operates almost 70 daily flights to both international and domestic routes, divided into two well-maintained terminals. The airport works on few stringent transit guidelines as safety measures with a motive to provide efficient and quick services.

Security Information

Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru or Bangalore airport management authorities have adopted consistent and effective measures for securing safety environments both on ground and on board travel. Apart from easy and comfortable travel experience, ensuring safety and reliability are their key objectives. Passengers are asked to pass through security control area after check-in procedure done before making an entry into departure lounge.

Elegant and Plush Lounges

The stylish and sleek lounges available in variety at Bengaluru International Airport cater to every need of the varied and unique traveler group. The airport offers an array of luxuries under one roof ensuring guests to be fully pampered and spending quality time in sheer elegance and comfort. VIP lounges equipped with modern facility and entertainment perks are exclusively designed for dignitaries offering them hassle free and smooth airport experience.


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