Enjoy The Ambience In Udupi Hotels!
18.08.2014 15:10

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Udupi is a city in the Karnataka State. It is famous for the Krishna Temple. Being a pilgrimage centre a lot of people come to Udupi to have Lord Krishna’s darshan. Udupi is also well known for its Udupi cuisine. Udupi cuisine is famous not only in Udupi but is spread far and wide all across the globe. Enjoy a divine visit to Udupi!

Hotels are an integral part of any tourist place and in Udupi you will find hotels catering to every stream of travelers. Some of the Udupi Hotels are Paradise Isle Beach Resort, Kediyoor Hotels, Hotel Udupi Residency, Hotel Sharada International, Palm Grove Beach Resort, Fortune Inn, Wild Woods Spa and Resort and Hotel Sri Krishna Residency.

Make your choice of Udupi Hotels and have a blast!

Paradise Isle Beach Resort is the only beach resort in Karnataka. It is a 4 star resort with 74 rooms and 10 cottages. Rooms are equipped with modern amenities and facilities. All rooms have air-conditioning, telephone, satellite television and internet.
Paradise resort has three restaurants Garden View, Ocean View and a coffee shop. Garden View Restaurant is a multi-cuisine one serving exotic dishes. The Ocean View Restaurant serves sea food with other dishes. You can enjoy coffee at the Coffee shop.

Wild Woods Spa and Resort gives a unique experience for its guests. It has Bamboo Cottages, Stone Cottages and Luxury villas which is ideal for a unique spa experience. Each villa has a large living room with a bedroom which is air-conditioned. Experience luxury at its best here!


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