Jet Konnect Web Check In To Travel With Convenience
10.09.2014 12:43

                                      Jet Konnect Web Check In | Image Resource : profit.ndtv.com

An awesome service through interactive web check-in as offered by Jet Konnect is a great experience. Ease and convenience for the customer and assisting in every enquiry regarding ticket availability, flight or booking status and cancellation details are provided in Jet Konnect web check in.

Jet Konnect, the Brand

Owned by Jet Airways, JetKonnect conducts low-fare flights to almost 47 destinations. There are around 430 flights that are operated every day. A few flights are combined with meals while some allows to purchase meals while travel.

Planning and Booking

Jet Konnect has an efficient website through which tickets of a required flight can be booked just by putting the basic details of the passenger. E-ticket will be availed through the site. Then enquiry of PNR status, Flight Status, schedule of the flight, or if in any case cancellations of ticket can all be done through the website.

Special offers and Concessions

This flight offers special concessions to students, cancer patients, senior citizens and armed forces. On visiting sites, clients can get special offers in booking or payment.

Special Care

The web check in service of Jet Konnect allows you to avoid the hassle of standing in a line. Special attention to infant and children who travel unaccompanied help parents be rest assured about their ward’s safety. Pregnant women and passengers with medical emergencies are also given special care. There is an emergency medical team to support any kind of medical emergencies. Jet Konnect also offers special policies for carrying of pets in the flights.


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