Pelling Hotels: The Taj Of Sikkim!
15.07.2014 17:11

Pelling Hotels | Image Resource: pellinghotels.net.in

One of the latest tourism destinations to come up, this place is still unexplored and undiscovered. Pelling, a town in western part of Sikkim, is a hill top town with a wonderful climate and pleasing atmosphere.

Letting people enjoy the chic beauty of nature, this place is like a galaxy in the solar system. Startling with beauty, this still pristine town is a wonderful destination to explore nature.

Perfect for leisure travellers, this is a thrilling adventure destination that is going to pump your blood faster with joy. Enjoy some adventure sports aboard this hill top town and have an enchanting holiday.

Pelling hotels are being set up with a modern décor to offer some mesmerizing space for people to bask and comfort themselves. They are the Tajs of Sikkim!

Be Environmentally Responsible To Stay At Pelling Hotels!

Pelling is still pristine and unexplored and a slight disturbance can distort the whole scenery. Hence be environmentally responsible to be at Pelling and stay aboard the hotels there.

Pelling hotels are gorgeous and amazing. Located amid tiny valleys and hill tops, these hotels are a perfect treat to everyone. Pelling hotels and resorts are rich, elegant and offer beautiful space to lodge yourself.

Cherry Village Homestay Resort is one of the secluded hotels in the regions and enjoys a unique charm. They have separate villas that are loaded with home like amenities offering you a homely stay.

Other hotels at this chic and rustic place include Himalayan Retreat and Resort, Hotel Golden Ice, Hotel Snow View, Hotel Tashiling and Norbu Ghang Resort.


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