The Hospitable Kolhapur Hotels!
26.08.2014 11:17

Kolhapur Hotels

Kolhapur Hotels | Image Resource: hotelganeshratna.com

Kolhapur is a land of brilliant temples that will shock every person that sees them due to exquisite architecture and wonderful design. These ancient structures that are scattered all over the city attracts people from all over the world.

Situated on the river banks of Panchganga, this land is very fertile and provides a major proportion of income to the agriculture sector of India. The city is also known as the city of palaces and gardens. Anyone that visits will surely want to stay a day or two longer to enjoy all the wonderful sites!

There are many Kolhapur hotels to stay at while experiencing and taking in everything that this sacred land has to offer. The hotel Greenland Elegant is one such hotel. This three star hotel provides a very comfortable stay to all its guests. The hotel is very affordable by all sections of society. With unbeatable services at very low prices, there is no better place to stay!

Amazing Survives At Kholapur Hotels!

The hotel Marata Regency is also a three star hotel with an impeccable location. It is strategically located near the railway station and all the major temples of the land. It is an easy access hotel and also very affordable.

The staff working at the hotel is extremely friendly and will cater to the needs of all the guests. With a business center, gymnasium, restaurant and room service, this is one of the best places to stay at while in Kolhapur. Book your hotel rooms today and enjoy your pilgrimage!


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