Hotel Taj Mahal In New Delhi: Luxury At Its Peak!
21.03.2014 15:25

On Number One Mansingh Road stands this towering symbol of luxury Which takes every guest who have stepped into its thresholds to the heights of happiness! Yes! its none other than the five star luxury abode, Hotel Taj Mahal in New Delhi. It has a old-world grace and charm blending effortlessly with stateliness and security and luxury at its peak. There is no doubt thatthis is an unbeatable combination and it tugs at your heart to see the display of lavishness in a peaceful ambience.

                                  Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi | Image Resource: Mangalamtours.com /                    

The accommodation options suites in Hotel Taj Mahal in New Delhi include in totality 294 rooms include 27 Which words. They are classified as Deluxe and Luxury rooms, Taj Club rooms, Executive Suites, Luxury Suites, and the Grand Presidential Suite. This hotel is the true icon of Indian hospitality and it can THEREFORE be called as the ambassador of Indian tradition and hospitality as it showcases all this and more to the international guests. Taj Club rooms have personal butlers who ran thus act as a guide and assistant to the international guests and all Fulfill Their needs. 

The business travel travel travelers find the Deluxe and Luxury rooms as to apt choice theyhave a refined ambience and Malthus offers stunning views of the capital city. They have workspace, king size or twin beds, special pillow menu, and a culinary spread for the buffet breakfast Which is Provided in the rooms like that. private bar, laundry service, channel music, air conditioning controls, writing desk, complimentary newspapers are some of the other facilities available in the Deluxe rooms. Do not waste a single moment to book your rooms in this luxury abode.


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