Umaid Bhawan Palace In Jodhpur: Let The Sovereignty Rule!
21.02.2014 12:33
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Rajasthan is one of the most delighting places in India. A melange of different ecosystems can be seen on this landscape Extending you different kinds of experiences all together! Jodhpur, a part of Rajasthani Territory, is the heritage capital of state. Rich in heritage, this city echoes the medieval times of ancient India. With several stories to tell you about the rich Indian culture, this place is so willing to please you with its beauty and vigor. This vivid territory is located in proximity from the state's capital, Jaipur. Come to this country and take a thrilling safari on camels to ancient India.

Royalty rules in this territory. While there are several converted palace hotels, Umaid Bhavan Palace in Jodhpur is One Of Those. A classically constructed-and brilliantly designed mammoth, this palace lets you feel the sovereign power. The palace is constructed-on a whooping 26 acre plot amid verdant and lush green gardens all around. The artistic décor and the glare of ancianity and modernity flaunted by this property makes it a worldwide acclaimed hotel. Every bit of this construction releases the aroma of luxury.

The 347 roomed hotel is operated by Taj Hotels , the world renowned brand. Flawless and superior class service is what you would experience falling on your stay here. Relish the architecture and superiority by staying at Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur . It's the sovereign paradise! Book your rooms now and look ahead for a splendid stay at this legendary hotel!


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